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Team and Group Development


The result is greater than the sum of the parts

What is it?

An approach which recognises and develops diverse individual talents and helps people to form effective, high performing teams.

What is achieved?

  • Teams with a shared understanding and commitment to their vision and goals
  • High levels of energy and motivation within teams
  • A team capable of meeting its performance challenges consistently
  • A sense of responsibility, respect and accountability between team members
  • A common approach to team working and development across the organisation
  • Common tools, frameworks and language used within and between teams
  • Increased inter-team collaboration, synergy and global awareness
  • Processes for effective dialogue and feedback within the team and with stakeholders

How do we do it?

We focus on developing individual and team competence by raising Knowledge, Attitude, Behaviour and Skills. We achieve this with on and off-site team building events. These can be conferences, modular programmes, simple meetings or individual coaching and can cover any, or all, of the following:

  • Senior team development events that:
    • raise awareness of individual differences in motivation and conflict response
    • explore and understand the different stages of team development
    • map the team’s current performance against a High Performing Team framework, in the context of its strategic objectives
    • explore and understand the Team Management Systems ( TMS ) concepts of types of work, team role preference and team balance
    • create an action plan for future team development towards achieving the strategic goals
  • Team leader development events that promote:
    • the key components of a high performing team, related to the culture, strategy and aspirations of the organisation
    • the stages of team development, high performing team elements, different team types
    • experiential activities to illustrate the need for awareness and balance in team development activities, using the GRIP format – Goals, Roles, Interpersonal relationships, Processes
    • the review of the different elements of the framework and tools needed to develop High Performing Teams
    • the establishment of an action plan, review and follow- up process
    • virtual and distributed team development
  • High Performing Team events that:
    • raise understanding of the key elements that deliver high performance and using our toolkit we enable teams to develop and meet their performance challenges
    • take into account that increasingly teams are not located in the same physical or geographical space and rely more and more on technology to communicate and share information
    • consider the challenges of globalisation within the high performing teams framework
    • deliver practical exercises (which can be run virtually) to illustrate
      • the need for cultural sensitivity
      • effective communication
      • effective influencing
      • networking and shared understanding when working in virtual and distributed teams
    • create checklists, diagnostics and action plans for developing teams
  • Train the trainer programmes which equip people with the knowledge and expertise required to cascade learning throughout the organisation


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