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Increasing effectiveness locally and becoming competitive globally

What is it?

In these difficult times, organisations have to face a double paradigm – increasing effectiveness and performance at local level to remain competitive, whilst leveraging growth, innovation and development at global level to reach new markets and attract talented people. Organisational strategy must embrace globalisation to succeed.

What is achieved?

  • A clear understanding of the impact of culture at individual, team and organisational levels with a roadmap for success
  • Self awareness and feedback on cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural adaptability
  • Tools and frameworks for resolving cross-cultural dilemmas and building teams across borders
  • An awareness of the impact of culture on strategy, leadership and management and levels of cultural impact
  • Teams develop their own code of conduct and monitor each other’s behaviour

How do we do it?

Our team of experienced consultants are multi-lingual and ethnically diverse and believe that cultural differences between people and the impact of culture on organisations is critical in today’s rapidly globalising world.
Our programmes focus on:

  • Cultural awareness. An understanding of culture and its’ impact on behaviour and decision making
  • Resolving cross-cultural dilemmas with a methodology for conflict resolution
  • Building teams across borders by overcoming differences in ways of working and succeeding in mergers and acquisitions
  • Train the trainer programmes which equip people with the knowledge and expertise required to cascade learning throughout the organisation


The four steps to successful multicultural understanding are:

  • Know yourself
  • Learn about others
  • Work together and communicate effectively
  • Revisit and re-evaluate


These steps will include any or all of the following:

  • A cultural survey and/or a thorough needs analysis
  • Setting up of legitimate channels of information
  • Selecting the right leadership team
  • Inspiring a genuine desire to learn and embrace other cultures
  • Determining where there are differences in priority of core values in other cultures
  • Implementing conflict resolution strategies before conflict arises
  • Encouraging teams to develop agreed behaviours, whilst exploring and reviewing options


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