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Enabling individuals to grow through a process of self discovery

What is it?

Coaching is a technique that helps to develop individuals and improve performance.

Through all of our coaching sessions you will

  • Develop confidence in using a cohesive coaching framework which takes the “fear” out of the coaching process
  • Have the opportunity to explore and practice the skill sets you will need to be highly effective coaches in a safe and positive environment
  • Gain a variety of perspectives on different approaches in numerous situations
  • Develop strategies for dealing with conflict

What is achieved?

  • Effective coaches throughout your business
  • Improved relationships between teams and their leaders through trust and respect
  • Less stress throughout the business because of improved and open communication
  • More effective and meaningful work for teams and individuals
  • Increased confidence in delegating responsibility allowing more time to plan and manage
  • Skills flexibility and stability in teams
  • Organisational stability and talent management through shared knowledge
  • Highly motivated and effective individuals and teams
  • Succession plans are adhered to and effective
  • Commitment is gained through involvement, not control


How do we do it?

Coaching takes place through structured discussions and hands on experience within real projects. We offer a suite of coaching interventions which are specifically tailored to your needs. These include:

  • One to one coaching that can be face to face, or virtual, in any combination as appropriate
  • Group coaching which may involve our experienced team of acting professionals who have been trained by us to understand and utilise the tools and concepts we use in our innovative and highly interactive scenarios . These are not role plays. Instead we explore coaching challenges which relate directly to delegates experience
  • Train the trainer programmes which equip people with the knowledge and expertise required to cascade learning throughout the organisation


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