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Taking people to places they didn’t realise they could get to

What is it?

A bespoke series of development processes that aim to raise and transform leadership capability at all levels within the organisation.

What is achieved?

  • Leaders who are visionary and provide direction, live the organisations’ values and act as leadership role models
  • Leaders who are customer focused and capable of engaging others and mobilising their energy to achieve your organisation’s vision and goals
  • Leaders who can manage complexity and change effectively and enable others to lead and achieve
  • Leaders who understand the impact of a positive business culture, can create a climate that promotes a positive culture and can think and act globally

How do we do it?

  • We take into account the changing environment of your organisation and the wider community
  • We focus on the need to recognise and build on current best practice within your company culture
  • We stress the need for some elements to be:
    • Common – such as language, tools and direction
    • Compatible – with the vision and direction of your organisation
    • Different – focus and methodology aimed at co-creating a common vision and goal
  • We explore three levels of leadership:
    • THE VISIONARY LEADER. Here the focus is on looking outwards and working on the business more than working in the business; setting the change agenda and working on building a culture and talent pool for tomorrow, fostering and encouraging creativity and global thinking.
    • THE STRATEGIC LEADER. Here the focus is on ‘How’ to convert the vision into reality and communicate effectively across barriers and stakeholder groups – coaching, empowerment and developing high performing teams.
    • THE OPERATIONAL LEADER. Here the focus is on leading and managing change, managing performance, meeting goals and plans and delivering quality results through continual improvement and accountability.
  • Train the trainer programmes which equip people with the knowledge and expertise required to cascade learning throughout the organisation


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