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Learning and Organisational Development


Building an integrated approach to the development of skills, behaviours, attitudes and culture

What is it?

A consultative process to help your organisation to instil a learning culture successfully, by integrating the development of the appropriate skills, behaviours and attitudes, required to achieve your vision and goals.

What is achieved?

An integrated set of development processes optimised for and aligned with effective achievement of your goals.

  • Energised and capable leaders that drive the achievement of your goals by aligning and involving employees
  • Improved process performance in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and agility
  • Redesigned organisation structures to meet current and future needs
  • Enhanced local, cross-functional and virtual teamwork
  • Effective performance management
  • Embedded change management model
  • On-going Executive involvement in strategic direction
  • Effective transfer of learning from intervention to everyday use
  • Improved climate for cultural change

How do we do it?

We work in partnership with your organisation to help you with:

  • Diagnosing the current situation
  • Envisaging the desired results
  • Measuring the gap
  • Formulating and implementing cohesive strategies and development plans
  • Measuring progress and maintaining momentum


  • Company-wide diagnosis of current attitudes and behaviours
  • Employee and customer surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Instant response survey technique
  • Data collection
  • Surveys and analysis of current practices and procedures
  • Appropriate tools and techniques for development of strategies and processes
  • Workshops, both face-to-face and online designed and delivered¬† to introduce and practise the new skills
  • Coaching and train-the-trainer events to embed learning and transfer ownership into the organisation
  • The set up of robust measures and benchmarks to evaluate the impact of learning
  • Train the trainer programmes which equip people with the knowledge and expertise required to cascade learning throughout the organisation
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