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Creativity and Innovation


Champion creativity and innovation will follow

What is it?

Creativity is the catalyst and source of new ideas that provide the fuel for innovation in today’s competitive organisations. Many seek creativity in their workforce, but lack the culture and tools needed to foster creativity and innovation to bring ideas to fruition.

What is achieved?

  • An awareness of the need for and differences between creativity and innovation
  • An understanding of the preconditions for successful innovation
  • An organisation that promotes and accepts diverse creative behaviour
  • Managers that are role-models for innovation and encourage measured risk-taking, whilst offering specific training techniques to promote Blue Water Thinking
  • Reward systems that encourage and recompense innovative behaviour and which bring elements of creativity and innovation into the performance management system

How do we do it?

WW has designed and delivered a wide range of programmes, presentations and events ranging from small group discussions, to teambuilding and company-wide events.

Our tools and techniques are designed to promote ‘Blue Water Thinking’, by that we mean encouraging the right atmosphere, the right mindset and putting in place the right tools to energise and release creativity in both teams and individuals

We provide:

  • Energisers and Brain Teasers designed to get the creative juices flowing and ‘wake up’ the brain. We use proven methods such as Appreciative Inquiry and Circles of Success.
  • Creativity Tools designed to help with creative thinking: De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, Buzan’s Mind Mapping, brainstorming and paradigm busting are just some of the tools used.
  • Creativity workshops to explore creative techniques and their application to case studies and real business challenges.
  • Team diagnostics. We offer a full range of questionnaires and are accredited in a number of highly regarded psychometric instruments that can help teams and individuals diagnose their creative and risk-taking preferences, such as the TMP (Team Management Profile) and the QO2 (Opportunities Orientation) profiles from TMSDI.
  • An Innovation Strategy that uses benchmarking and survey data to help organisations understand the context and implications of their current approach to innovation. Then we help them to create a strategy for the desired future state.
  • Train the trainer programmes which equip people with the knowledge and expertise required to cascade learning throughout the organisation


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