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Leading & Managing Change

Our Client is a global, US based company, a leader in its sector, with over 50,000 employees worldwide. WW is proud to have been continuously associated with them for over 20 years;

Our most recent Challenge:

Our client’s strategy has enabled it to move into new, innovative, “green” markets and technologies. The three arms of the strategy are;

  • To deliver excellent customer service
  • To achieve profitable growth
  • To deliver a strong financial performance

All of these are to be achieved through employee empowerment. A number of strategies were developed at corporate level to deliver these aims. WW Consulting is helping achieve the strategy through a focus on energising senior executives to deliver sustainable change through a global programme. The programme brings delegates together from across the business and is carried out in 3 week long modules over a nine month period and is held in three continents.

Our involvement intensified with:

  • A new senior management team
  • Consolidation within the industry
  • Large acquisitions into the company
  • The implementation of a new strategy on LEAN enterprise

A key element in the programme is the application of the tools and methodologies introduced to a major strategic challenge from the company’s key objectives.

The outcome

The outcomes of the programme are:

  • Commitment to the company’s vision and values is higher than ever
  • Culture has been significantly impacted
  • Cross-cultural, cross-team working has improved
  • Continuity and common language is having a significant effect
  • More aligned, self aware leaders with higher levels of emotional, social and cultural intelligence
  • A more holistic, systemic approach to organisation development is emerging
  • Real, tangible benefits are delivered to the business at the end of the process. For example;
    • Identification and sharing of best practices resulting in significant business improvement
    • Increased retention of key talent through focusing on identifying strategic skills in short supply
    • New processes and practices introduced at senior level providing significant added value to performance

The process is now being cascaded throughout the divisions to provide a common approach and language with significant success. The TCC programme, (Taking Charge of Change) which has been running for over 10 years, consists of two week long modules with a pragmatic focus that attracts strong senior management support, both as guest speakers and business ‘clients’ on the programme. It has been delivered across all regions of the company and continues to receive very positive feedback and is currently being reviewed to ensure a good fit with the company’s new leadership pipeline approach.

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