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Leadership & Management in Action

Our client is an innovative leader in bottling technology and liquid food packaging solutions. The company operates in over 100 countries on 5 continents.

The Challenge

WW Consulting was chosen to launch a new leadership and management programme. It was the first time such a programme had been delivered and began with a pilot for all the HR staff to ensure alignment and complete understanding of the WW approach and toolkit.

After reviewing the pilot, the programme was delivered successfully to over 300 managers, incorporating tools and techniques to improve management and leadership capability and to handle change, and was delivered in mainland Europe, the USA and Canada, China and Malaysia.

In addition to the original leadership and management programme, three new programmes were developed as part of a cascade initiative to ensure that first line managers were well equipped to lead and manage their teams;

  • A Management Programme focussing on performance management , personal impact, team skills and diagnostics, giving and receiving feedback. Target audience: newly appointed first line managers
  • A Change Programme focussing on Change Loop methodology, working on a business challenge. Target audience: change champions, project leaders, individual contributors needing to influence change
  • A Team Leaders Programme focussing on team development, team building, team leadership. Target audience; team leaders, project managers, individual contributors needing to lead teams


The mark of success with our client is the fact that WW have continued to partner the company through a series of major changes and challenges; including an acquisition; several wide-reaching strategic organisational restructures and an accompanying significant change of both culture and senior leadership.

The deliverables from the programmes are;

  • Increased motivation and awareness of the importance of the balance between leadership and management
  • A common language through the use of tools and diagnostics for team development (Belbin)
  • A global methodology for change (The Change Loop )
  • Closer cooperation between different functions and locations

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