Learning and Organisational Development

Learning and Organisational Development
Developing skills, behaviours, attitudes and culture

What is it?

A consultative process to help organisations to:

  • Diagnose the current situation
  • Envisage the desired result
  • Measure the gap
  • Formulate and implement cohesive strategies and development plans
  • Develop the appropriate skills, behaviours and attitudes to succesfully instil a learning culture in their organisations.

How do we do it?

WW work in partnership with your organisation to offer the following:

  • Company-wide diagnosis of current attitudes and behaviours
  • Employee and customer surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Instant response survey technique
  • Data collection
  • Surveys and analysis of current practices and procedures
  • Development of strategies
  • Design and delivery of workshops both face-to-face and online to introduce and practice the new skills
  • Coaching and train-the-trainer events to embed learning and transfer ownership into the organisation
  • The set up of robust measures and benchmarks to evaluate the impact of learning

What is achieved?

Energised leaders that drive the process and align employees through involvement in:

  • Process improvement
  • Organisation design
  • Teamwork
  • Implementation planning
  • Maintained momentum through progress reviews
  • A learnable change model for the business that is repeatable
  • On-going Board involvement in strategic direction
  • Developed line managers who:
    • Pass on skills and knowledge from consultant to the company
    • Maintain momentum after consultants’ role is completed
  • A robust cultural measurement process
  • Internal and external benchmarks